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This Form is used to provide information for the administration of the Naples Area Intergroup database and website. This form is to be used for one of the following:

  • Add a New meeting
  • Change meeting information, for example, change the address.
  • Remove a meeting which is no longer functioning from the database

Items with a * are required for the Form to be processed. Note that processing may take some time, typically with 48 hours. Please fill in as much as possible, thanks.

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Note: All meetings are considered Open except when marked Closed.


* Closed Meetings are for AA members only, or those having a desire to stop drinking.


** Open Meetings are for anyone interested in AA. Non-alcoholics may attend.

As Bill Sees It Living Sober
Beginner Men
Big Book Open **
Closed* Program For You
Child Care Wheelchair Access
Came To Believe Smoking
Discussion Speaker
Daily Reflection Spanish
Gay/Lesbian Step
Grapevine Traditions
Heartbeat of AA Women
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