Your Help is Needed and Appreciated

“Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics.”- As Bill Sees It, p. 188

… with Current Needs

Volunteers needed to answer the AA Phone after office hours. Training and materials provided. Contact Bill S. at the Central Office: 239-262-6535 (5/7/15)

Women volunteers for the Corrections Committee. Contact Denise L., We also need a Men’s Coordinator. Contact Court G.

… with Central Office Click here for a Volunteer Form

  • We need volunteers to answer the A.A. telephone at the Central Office. Both morning and afternoon shifts are available, Monday thru Saturday. One year of sobriety is needed with a 6 month commitment.
  • Work on the Courier, the Naples Area Intergroup Newsletter. Can you type, edit, write articles, cut and paste?
  • Volunteer needed to tally the Office Call Record Log & Answering Service Log once a month. Only 1 day sobriety needed.
  • Volunteers needed for 12th Step Work. Training available. You’ll be glad you did!
  • All Naples Area Intergroup Service Committees need volunteers…Treatment, Corrections, Pi/PC, and Grapevine.

… with Meeting Information
Each Meeting has their own information and map. Meeting information or map location maybe out of date or incorrect. You can help by checking the information for the meetings that you attend. Please use the Update Meeting Form for any updates and/or corrections.

… with the Website
If you come across anything that is not working or might be done better, please let it be known. Training is available, if you would like to learn and work on the website. Your comments, suggestions and questions are always welcomed. Send an Email to give us your feedback.

… with Hospital and Institution Literature
Many Groups take up special collections for funding AA literature in Hospitals and Institutions. If your Group does, many thanks, if not, you may bring it up to your Group as a suggestion.